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Our mission

Moving is often seen by many as a stressful experience and requires the assistance of a competent removal company in that regard. LetUsMoveYou is one of the best among such companies that provides reliable and efficient removal services, and to a large extent tackles your moving troubles. Our range of services is profoundly vast and ever increasing. Making our clients happy is what keeps us going, as we ensure that the whole experience of moving is pain-free and as smooth as possible. Throughout the entire process of presenting you a quotation, to packing and handling your belongings, and to ensuring you are settled into your desired destination, you will find us reliable and easy to deal with.

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It is necessary to prepare adequately before venturing into a decision to move belongings to avoid pitfalls. We possess a skill in determining the best ways to make preparations as to that regard and ensuring that the necessary criteria are met. In other to ensure successful removal of our clients' belongings, we always advise them to, first of all, create a demarcation between their most valuable and fragile belonging to the less significant ones. This will help to a large extent to protect their belongings and will allow for a peaceful conveyance of their belongings.


Our team is fully trained in the area of collecting and packing belongings to avoid misplacement, and we are equipped with tools, boxes, trolleys, and baskets which aid the collection of our clients' belongings, making sure that the belongings are intact for delivery. We know exactly how to collect anything including heavy goods, antique furniture, and other expensive gadgets.


One factor that makes ‘Let Us Move You' a great choice is that our clients are always in complete control of the entire process. You are always at liberty to decide the exact time and date you want your delivery done, and that is exactly when we will deliver your properties to the appointed address. We respect time, and always get to work right away; first, we ensure that your properties are loaded into the vans with utmost care, and then we proceed to the delivery destination. All that is required of you is to fill our contract form after which we will automatically send you a free quote.

Moving couldn't be any easier!

Domestic removals
We deliver simple but quality as well as affordable domestic removal services to our clients. We do not only believe in moving people from one place to another; rather, we transform their new destination into a home by carefully packing as well as unpacking their things and also arranging them.
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Reassembly & packing
We ensure a safe packaging of our client’s belongings when moving them into our vans by using protective items which are capable of preserving their priced possession like computers and televisions from harm.
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Our Fleet
LetUsMoveYou is a London based removals company and has a variety of vans at our disposal to accommodate all your moving needs. When moving, various customers have various requirements and our company has an extensive fleet of vans at affordable price for you to choose from.
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